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Oregon Leads in Deconstruction & Smart Demolition

Portland demolition contractors are increasingly turning to deconstructing buildings; taking apart buildings and reusing or recycling salvageable materials. Instead of simply knocking down a building … Continue reading →

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Oregon Construction & Demolition Employment

It has been a big year for demolition companies in Oregon. In fact, the entire U.S. has experienced a 4.7 percent increase, or 330,000 net … Continue reading →

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Will Wooden Skyscrapers Grace Portland’s Skyline?

For more than a hundred years, Oregon has been the leading producer of wood products in the nation. Almost half the state is covered in … Continue reading →

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How Do Balers & Shears Maximize Scrap Metal Recovery?

Demolition companies in Portland and other major metropolitan centers often have scrap material leftover at the end of a project. This scrap can be turned … Continue reading →

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Are Robots the Answer to C&D Labor Shortages?

Industrial demolition and construction companies are hurting for skilled workers more intensely than in the past.

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Portland’s City Council Votes Strengthening Procedures for Demolishing Older Homes

Urban growth and the demolition of historic homes in Portland has been a topic of debate for years. In the midst of a construction boom … Continue reading →

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Oregon Demolition Pros Talk Portland’s Brick Buildings & Safety

Oregon is earthquake territory. Researchers and officials are urging the public to prepare for a Cascadia earthquake as more tremors are noted off the southern … Continue reading →

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Portland Demolition Experts Examine Seismic Upgrade Mandate

The Pacific Northwest is prone to four different types of earthquakes, depending on where they occur. Three of these source zones cause shaking that could … Continue reading →

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Nonresidential Construction to Spike Through 2019

Construction isn’t going to slow down soon anytime soon. Although the industry faces rising material costs and labor shortages, the American Institute of Architects projects … Continue reading →

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C&D Industry Continues to Expand Portland’s Urban Core

Portland demolition and construction is booming as the city’s its urban core expands. From new construction to building renovations, the area is experiencing a record … Continue reading →

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