Demolition Equipment

Safety and efficiency – those are the words we live by, and they’re the standards we use for selecting top-notch demolition equipment. We’re constantly on the lookout for the latest innovative technology to help make our job (and yours) easier.

We employ a variety of demolition methods, which allows us to tackle every challenge from multiple angles. Our arsenal of demolition equipment includes:

High-Reach Demolition Excavators

Our high-reach excavators can extend as high as 82 feet, bringing a new level of safety and precision to heights where previously only a wrecking ball could reach.

Concrete Crusher

The concrete crusher allows us to recycle concrete debris on site, saving you time and money – and earning you LEED certification points.

Specialty Processing Equipment

Our state-of-the art demolition technology includes an assortment of shears, crushers and hammers to assist in efficiently processing materials and debris.

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