Specialty Processing Equipment

All of our shears, hammers, crushers and other specialty demolition equipment employ state-of-the-art technology to process scrap materials more safely and efficiently than ever before. Many of our machines feature powerful magnets, which allow us to quickly gather up scrap metal for recycling, without sending in a ground crew to handpick through the debris. This reduces safety risks, man-hours and overall demolition costs.

Concrete Removal

No cutting job is too tough for our army of La Bounty Universal Processors. These rugged machines enable us to plow through 2.5-foot-thick reinforced concrete and break up even the thickest foundation walls and slabs.

Steel Processing

With multiple jaw attachments to suit whatever job is at hand, our demolition equipment can slice through ¾-inch steel beams. With the help of these powerful shears, we’re able to process thousands of tons of steel each year for recycling.

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