High-Reach Demolition Excavators

High Reach Demolition ExcavatorTall jobs are no problem, thanks to our high-reach demolition excavators. Developed locally by Jewell Manufacturing, these triple-boom long-stick excavators represent some of the most innovative demolition equipment in the industry, allowing us to reach heights as tall as 82 feet. Not only do these rugged machines give us the flexibility to take on a wider range of demolition projects, but they boast unique features that benefit our customers in several ways:

Higher Production Rates

Our excavators come equipped with a transport joint that allows us to switch to a shorter arm onsite, typically within a couple of hours. This versatility limits the need to mobilize additional demolition equipment – a huge time saver for both us and our customers. It also helps support a green demolition site by burning less fuel and reducing congestion on roadways.

Improved Safety

Thanks to the long reach of our excavators, operators are able to work farther away from falling debris, resulting in a safer work site for everyone.

High Reach Precision HandlingPrecision Handling

With the use of crusher and grapple attachments, our excavators are able to tackle tight jobs with far greater precision than the once-standard wrecking ball.

Contact us to learn more about deploying our high-reach demolition equipment for your project.

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