Oregon’s 2017 Residential Demolition Trends

Oregon's 2017 Demolition Trends

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In the past few years, Oregon has experienced unprecedented development that is expected to continue on an upward curve. As the demand for real estate increases, builders are looking to replace older homes and housing developments with modern buildings that increase residential densities. To make room for the new construction, homeowners and contractors turn to green Oregon demolition contractors to ensure the safety of neighborhoods and minimize their ecological footprint. Continue reading

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Oregon Demolition Pros Talk Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits


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The metal we use today has usually been recycled at least once before. We can thank the scrap metal industry for making this possible. Here’s a look at why scrap metal matters to you, and how demolition contractors are involved in the recycling of building materials and ensuring scrap metal is useful.

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Portland, Oregon Demolition & New Construction Go Hand-in-Hand

OregonDemolitionNewsSigns of Portland’s growth abound. Maybe you’ve noticed more traffic delays due to construction. Or perhaps it’s harder to find parking at your office or home. As an Oregon demolition contractor, we track the changing urban landscape. Across the city, structures are being dismantled to make way for new development. Here we examine the city’s building boom, including factors fueling building development, the role of demolition, and how cutting-edge demolition processes can make the deconstruction process more eco-friendly. Continue reading

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Oregon Demolition News: Moving Morris Marks House

OregonDemolitionMorrisMarksHouseHow long does it take you to decide to move? How about six years? That’s how long it’s taken to arrange the move of a certain notable home in downtown Portland, Oregon. Demolition companies like ours can’t help but notice how certain buildings survive changing eras. Through examination of the Morris Marks house transport, we will help you understand how and why houses are moved, as well as how this process helps preserve historic buildings.

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Can OSU Engineers Save the Environment with Cement?

OregonDemolitionCementFor millennia, concrete has been one of humanity’s most basic building materials. Concrete was used in the Egyptian pyramids, the Coliseum and, now, every modern building project. Indeed, concrete is so ubiquitous in construction that the equivalent of 2-4 tons of it are made for each person on earth annually, with significant environmental impacts. Concrete manufacturing creates an enormous carbon footprint, for one thing. Cement production currently contributes 5-8% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. According to the EPA, the cement industry is the third largest industrial source of pollution in the U.S. To cut greenhouse discharges, concrete manufacturers are looking for new, earth-friendly ways to produce this universal building material. Continue reading

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How Demolition Contractors Use Long-reach & High-reach Excavators

OregonDemolitionExcavatorsThese days demolition contractors don’t truly “demolish “buildings. In fact, they are strategically dismantled and removed piece by piece, using long-reach and high-reach excavators, as well as other construction equipment, in versatile ways.

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8 Ways to Vet an Oregon Demolition Contractor

OregonDemolitionContractorDemolition is an art and a science. Today’s demolition contractors must understand how to take down buildings safely, while preserving as much value as possible. They are also deeply knowledgeable about EPA and health regulations. Years of experience have given them a thorough appreciation of permitting, as well as how to respect the surrounding community during demolition work. Finally, the exceptional Oregon demolition company is also Eco-conscious, seeking to recycle, reuse, and salvage as much as possible from every job site.

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10 Demolition Asset Recovery Tips: Steel Processing & More


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While a defunct structure slated for demolition may appear rundown and worthless, the truth is that such buildings contain valuable assets that may be retained through expert demolition work. Scrap metal, concrete, fixtures, and many other parts of a building may be preserved and sold or recycled. Today, demolition involves much more than simply smashing through structures with wrecking balls. The modern demolition process is far more calculated, beginning with a demolition recovery plan. A proper demolition recovery plan will estimate the worth of a building’s contents, and explain how the contractor intends to extract as much value as possible during demolition.

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What is Portland’s Climate Action Plan?

oregon demolitionPortland, Oregon is recognized as a green city. Our burgh is both literally and figuratively green—visually verdant, but also committed to earth-friendly practices. However, Portland isn’t sitting on its famously green laurels. Instead, the City of Portland continues to find new ways of prioritizing the environment. In this post we discuss the latest additions to Portland’s Climate Action Plan, and what the new provisions mean for demolition in Oregon. Let’s learn what this plan entails and how green Portland building demolition practices can help create a healthier environment for all residents.

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5 Alternatives to Oregon Demolition

Steel ProcessingOregon Demolition pros know the truth about our old buildings—namely that they contain valuable resources. These resources include materials, invested human energy, financial input, and historical assets that could be lost through demolition. Today we’re examining demolition alternatives with an eye towards saving valuable resources and money. In addition, these alternatives to demolition have the additional advantages of lowering development cost, conserving natural resources, and reducing emissions. Continue reading

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