Are 3D-Printed Homes Portland’s Answer to New Housing?

3d-printed-homesPortland has a crushing need for not just housing, but for affordable housing. Because of the ability to build homes quickly using additive manufacturing, 3D printing might be the solution the city needs. Some Portland demolition contractors are keeping an eye on the 3D printing industry, which has already made headlines for its residential construction applications. If regulators can be convinced, the advantages of the building technique could forever alter the construction industry, the City of Portland, and the city’s inhabitants. Continue reading

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Will the Global Sand Shortage Affect Oregon Demolition Companies?

global-sand-excavatorIn the summer of 2017, the United States closed its last sand mine. The closure is a reflection of a global sand shortage that’s so serious that some countries have banned its export. After water and air, sand is the natural resource humans use the most, especially in regard to construction. Sand is used in the cement in your building, the asphalt on which you drive, the glass in the windows you look out of, and the silicon chips in your cell phone.

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Portland Demolition & Disaster Response: How Can Contractors Prepare?

hurricane matthewAfter a disaster, a major component of the recovery efforts is the demolition that must take place before rescuing and rebuilding can commence. Portland demolition contractors are instrumental in removing debris, hazardous materials, and damaged structures, making them invaluable resources when the unthinkable occurs. By knowing how to prepare and be vetted as a disaster response resource, you’ll maximize your response capabilities so you can jump in and provide vital support services. Continue reading

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Demolition Unveils Weird & Wonderful Historical Objects

demolition mummyDo you know what’s buried under your feet? It could be a piece of history. Most Portland demolition and construction projects require the moving of earth in one form or another. Sometimes, workers stumble upon priceless treasures or strange artifacts that were left behind or forgotten. Check out some of historical objects uncovered by demolition and construction workers that will make you wonder what’s beneath your Oregon demolition project’s site. Continue reading

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10 Tips for Job Satisfaction in the Demolition Industry

Construction Worker on BuildingThe most important factor to successfully completing a Portland demolition project is having a skilled crew. Labor shortages, however, plague the construction and demolition, or C&D, industry. In 2011, for instance, homebuilders experienced shortages of 13 percent. Today, this number has exploded to 82 percent. Experts expect this number to increase since as many as 60 percent of the industry’s workforce will retire in the next five years. For demolition companies in Portland, the only thing more vital than acquiring skilled workers is retaining the ones they have. Continue reading

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What Should Portland Demolition Companies Know About PCBs?

Construction Workers Building MaterialsThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been taking a closer look at polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, and their use in older buildings. PCB molecules are man-made organic chlorine compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen and chlorine atoms. Until their ban in 1979 by the Toxic Substances Control Act, they were used in building materials because they were odorless, non-flammable, and chemically stable. They also had good insulating properties and a range of consistencies. The EPA has reinterpreted its position regarding PCB-contaminated building materials as it relates to bulk and remediation waste. By understanding the EPA’s reinterpretation, Portland demolition contractors can take appropriate abatement steps to keep workers and project sites safe. Continue reading

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Construction & Demolition Contractors Expect Strong Economy in 2018

downtown portland oregonConstruction is expected to grow in the Pacific Northwest, which is great news for demolition companies in Oregon. While 2017 was a good year for construction, it didn’t see the double-digit growth the industry experienced between 2012 and 2015. Forecasters expect a moderate rise of 3 percent to $765 billion for construction starts, which is a sign of a mature stage of expansion. As 75 percent of firms plan to expand their payrolls, Portland demolition contractors feel optimistic that economic conditions will remain strong as demand continues to increase. Continue reading

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What Should Portland Demolition Contractors Know About Crystalline Silica?

demolition caution tapeIn December 2017, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, issued new standards for construction, maritime and general industries regarding respirable crystalline silica, a mineral often found on construction sites. While the mineral has great properties and is present in many construction materials, inhaling the particles could lead to a serious health problems. Complying with OSHA’s latest standards will help ensure the health and safety of Portland demolition workers and the communities in which they work. Continue reading

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Modern Construction Goes Greener Using Living-Algae Building Materials

Portland Demolition Algae

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Before Oregon demolition contractors tear down a building, they take into consideration the materials within it. As technology develops and fossil fuels grow more scarce, scientists are designing zero-energy buildings powered by renewable resources, such as wind and solar power. A renewable source of energy gaining traction in the construction world is algae, a diverse group of aquatic photosynthetic organisms that use chlorophyll as their primary pigment.

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Can Demolition Asset Recovery Save Your Portland, OR Company Money?

Portland Demolition & Asset Recovery

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After it’s placed in large dumpsters, demolition site waste doesn’t magically disappear. It’s transported to landfills. In 2014 alone, the nation generated 534 million tons of construction and demolition debris, in addition to municipal waste. More than 90 percent of the respective debris comes from demolition projects. As Oregon’s recycling rates decline, taking advantage of the asset recovery services offered by demolition companies not only helps the state get back on its green track, they may also help offset your project’s costs. Continue reading

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