Asset Recovery

Demolition Investment and Asset Recovery Services

Asset recovery maximizes the value of a site’s unused or end of life assets through reuse, reclamation, or resale. Often industrial facilities have a wealth of materials contained within their walls in the form of machinery, equipment, metals and more. With demolition asset recovery, these untapped resources can be turned into positive capital to help offset the demo costs of a commercial or industrial demolition project.

A variety of useful items can be recovered during pre-demolition salvage, such as:recyclable framing materialsasset recovery

  • Steel, aluminum and copper
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Generators
  • AC units
  • Harwood flooring
  • And more…

Demolition Asset Recovery Contractors

Our asset recovery plans are customized for each client in order to better identify any potentially hidden assets within their structure. We have the knowledge and skill to help your company extract the maximum value possible from a site. Elder Demolition also has the experience and expertise to effectively purchase and market our customers’ reusable processing and manufacturing equipment.

Contact Elder Demolition today to get more information about how we can assist you with your investment and asset recovery project.

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