3 Tools Everyone in the Industrial Demolition Industry Should Be Using

High-Reach Demolition ExcavatorIndustrial demolition involves ripping apart old factories, processing plants, and other huge facilities. Enormous equipment, concrete walls, steel containers, and everything else in a defunct building must be broken down into small enough chunks to be recycled, salvaged, or—rarely—disposed. It’s rare to throw away huge amounts from a demolition site. Most materials, including concrete and scrap metal, are recycled. So, when selecting demolition equipment, it’s key to prioritize tools that can assist in both deconstruction and recycling efforts.

For 17 years, we’ve been providing commercial and industrial demolition service. Portland to L.A., we’re known across the West Coast for recovering as much value as possible from demo sites. From our perspective, here are the top three tools every demo company should be using.

Top 3 Tools In Industrial Demolition

1. High Reach Excavators.
Gone are wrecking balls; these days, high reach excavators have taken their place. While wrecking balls are messy and hard to control, high reach excavators are precise. Our Jewell Manufacturing high reach excavators have triple-booms that extend to a height of 82 feet! They allow us to conduct demolition in tight quarters. Moreover, high reach excavators keep contractors safe by diminishing fall hazards. Finally, we rely on our high reach excavators to deliver high productivity rates. These versatile machines include interchangeable attachments, allowing us to quickly shift from one demolition task to the next.

2. Concrete Crushers.
The skeleton of most modern construction is composed of reinforced concrete. When taking down an industrial structure, we break it down into piles of concrete, scrap, and other materials. The concrete has many salvage applications, assuming you break it down to gravel. That’s where our concrete crusher comes in handy. It is capable of turning two-foot concrete chunks into gravel fill, for use in roads, pipe bedding, and much more. Our clients often ask us to repurpose this gravel fill on site, further reducing their costs.

3. Scrap Metal Processors.
Admittedly this is more than one tool, but it is absolutely crucial for to the health of our planet and the satisfaction of our customers that we recycle scrap metal. Scrap metal recycling greatly reduces the demand for virgin steel, a good thing for the environment. And because recycled steel is just as strong as virgin steel, it fetches a good price on the salvage market, offsetting our customers’ demolition costs. Our high reach excavators have interchangeable attachments, one of which cuts metal. We also handle scrap metal recycling ourselves, returning more value to our clients. Elder Demolition is one of the largest scrap metal recyclers on the West Coast.

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