5 Demolition Services Real Estate Development Companies Rely On

An architect is holding blueprints as he walks toward a house.Cities throughout Oregon, from Portland to Bend, are seeing a rise in residential construction, creating a need for highly qualified demolition contractors. As a key part of many construction projects, a commercial demolition contractor sets the stage for the construction to come. 

How Demolition Services & Expertise Support Real Estate Development

Let’s explore how demolition services help real estate development companies make way for new residential buildings.

Asset Recovery

Asset recovery offers a great way to offset the costs of construction, and its environmental impact. Elder Demolition has partnered with real estate developers to lay the groundwork for new commercial and residential buildings and helped them save money on these projects.

Deconstruction Over Demolition

You might be surprised to learn that Oregon demolition contractors deconstruct buildings rather than demolish them. By taking apart a building piece by piece, with a focus on recycling, reusing and reclaiming where necessary, tons of building material can be diverted from landfills. Instead, the building materials can be sold to recyclers to create new building materials, reused in the construction of a new building, or transformed into something else entirely.

A demolition service that deconstructs a building should be expected to:

  • Collect the most salvage material possible
  • Reduce carbon emissions from the deconstruction
  • Reduce the amount of waste destined for the landfill
  • Lessen the impacts of building removal where possible

Precision Removal

Instead of using tools like wrecking balls or explosives to take down a building, an expert demolition company utilizes tools like high-reach excavators. These tools can carefully target specific sections of the building. They also create less congestion on surrounding roads and are safer for workers, as they are further away from the debris.

Other tools, like breakers and hammers are used to break up concrete. Used concrete is a highly valuable recyclable material. It can be crushed on-site and made into new concrete. A precision removal of materials helps to sort the materials as they are collected, making a more efficient recycling process.

Safe Demolition

Any commercial demolition contractor working with real estate developers will have the project’s safety at front of mind. They will follow standards and rules for demolition as set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

These rules are adhered to during all stages of the project, from the initial survey and planning phase to the final clean up. 

Green Demolition Services

By estimating the potential impact on the area surrounding the site as well as other factors like carbon emissions, a green demolition can minimize impact to the environment. Some of these efforts can also be a great way to offset the cost of construction.

Some great ways to make a demolition project green is through concrete crushing and through the collecting of scrap metals for recycling. Concrete is among the most used materials in construction, and crushed concrete can be made into more concrete. 

Scrap metals are also in huge demand. Metals used in construction like copper, steel, iron, and more can often create a great return on investment. These metals are always in demand and often fetch a great price.

Expert Oregon Demolition Services  

Elder Demolition provides expert demolition services throughout the Pacific northwest. Check out some of our services, including asset recovery, commercial demolition, steel processing, scrap metal demolition, concrete crushing, and more. Contact us today.

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