5 Tips for Choosing a Contractor for Industrial Demolition Services

industrial demolition contractors NS Great Lakes former hospital building demo (24 Apr 13) 051Choosing a trustworthy industrial demolition contractor can be tricky business. Safety is always a primary consideration in any business enterprise, but industrial demolition contractors perform especially risky work, since demolition sites often contain hazardous materials that must to be recycled by industry professionals. For safe, legally compliant, effective demolition results, we recommend prioritizing the following five characteristics when looking for a demolition service.

5 “Must Haves” when Considering Industrial Demolition Services:

  1. Modern Machinery Inventory. Industrial demolition contractors should have and know how to use the latest demolition machinery, including high-reach excavators, crushers for recycling concrete on site, and more. These technological tools are even more important for large scale demolition projects.
  2. Hazardous Waste Removal Know-How. Demolition sites often contain hazardous waste that must be recycled by industry professionals. State and local waste disposal laws must be carefully followed in demolition. Portland, Oregon, for instance, requires a separate demolition permit for each building being demolished. Demolition contractors must also take care in transporting and storing industrial hazardous waste.
  3. Demolition and Asset Recovery. Industrial Demolition sites often contain valuable assets or resources that must be removed, sorted, and recycled or sold. Asset recovery can significantly offset demolition costs.
  4. Safety First! Industrial demolition contractors must have OSHA-certified safety experts.
  5. Licensed and insured. Industrial demolition contractors need to be certified, licensed, and insured, like we are here at Elder Demolition.

There are many hazards associated with industrial demolition sites, and the industrial demolition services you choose should be prepared with deal with these in a reliable, professional manner. Both OSHA and the EPA have their own guidelines and regulations, so make sure the industrial demolition company you choose has staff on hand who have completed certified training courses; don’t be afraid to ask about staff and management qualifications. Hundreds of chemicals found in a modern building can be considered toxic. Lead, for example can be a huge problem as it is highly toxic and harmful to the human body. Make sure that your industrial demolition contractor’s personnel have EPA-certified training, so that they can assess the danger of this and other demolition chemicals. Rest assured that Elder Demolition has qualified staff on hand who have completed OSHA and EPA training programs.

Finally, there are a few other aspects to consider. What is the projected cost? What timeframe can the contractor adhere to? And has the demolition contractor completed similar demolition projects in the past? Trade organization membership is also a worthwhile consideration. These are other questions that you can ask when selecting a demolition contractor. Contact Elder Demolition to learn more about our services or to discuss your demolition needs.

[Photo by NAVFAC via CC License]

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