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Why Gen Z May Be the Answer to Construction & Demolition Labor Shortage

It’s not news that Portland demolition contractors are facing a labor shortage and the potential disruption new technologies will have on the industry. The construction … Continue reading →

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Will the Construction & Demolition Industry Slow Down in 2020?

There have been multiple predictions of a market slowdown coming in 2020. However, since the Great Recession in 2008, the economy has been growing steadily … Continue reading →

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Portland Demolition Contractors Manage the Turning Tides of Climate Change

Climate change is set to impact every aspect of our lives, and that extends to the world of industrial demolition.

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Demolition Companies Pave the Way with Asphalt Recycling

By continuing to commit to recycling, the need for virgin Next time you’re driving down the road, take a moment to appreciate the asphalt that … Continue reading →

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Skilled Craft Positions Tough for C&D Industry to Fill

Approximately 80 percent of demolition companies in Oregon continue to face skilled labor shortages. What caused this labor shortage in industrial demolition? How can the … Continue reading →

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Has Construction & Demolition Wood Biomass Fuel Lost its Spark?

Wood recovered from industrial demolition or construction sites is often sold to a recycling facility specializing in processing this debris. The wood can then be … Continue reading →

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Oregon Leads in Deconstruction & Smart Demolition

Portland demolition contractors are increasingly turning to deconstructing buildings; taking apart buildings and reusing or recycling salvageable materials.

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Oregon Construction & Demolition Employment

It has been a big year for demolition companies in Oregon. In fact, the entire U.S. has experienced a 4.7 percent increase, or 330,000 net … Continue reading →

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Will Wooden Skyscrapers Grace Portland’s Skyline?

For more than a hundred years, Oregon has been the leading producer of wood products in the nation. Almost half the state is covered in … Continue reading →

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How Do Balers & Shears Maximize Scrap Metal Recovery?

Demolition companies in Portland and other major metropolitan centers often have scrap material leftover at the end of a project. This scrap can be turned … Continue reading →

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