Benefits of High-Reach Excavator Attachments for Industrial Demolition Contractors

Scrtap Metal Demolition High-Reach ExcavatorTriple-boom long stick. Grapple and crusher attachments. To the layperson, such terms may sound like something you’d best avoid in polite company, but they’re just the kind of lingo that gets industrial demolition contractors excited. Both describe long-reach excavators, which are incredibly helpful for scrap metal demolition firms.

High-reach excavators can reach 160 feet or more, allowing demolition experts to take down high stories without the blunt tools of yesteryears, such as explosives and wrecking balls. Here are a few of the benefits industrial demolition contractors enjoy from using giraffine long-reach excavators.

Advantages of High-Reach Excavators for Industrial Demolition

1. Safer working conditions. Jewell triple-boom excavators are capable of reaching extremely tall structures, allowing workers to stand farther away from the demolition action, reducing the chances of injury from above.

2. High efficiency. Kevin Loumas of Atlas Copco demolition claims that high-reach machines “cut back on the labor necessary to do a job than a drop ball used years ago.” We couldn’t agree more. The key to this improved efficiency is in the fact that high-reach excavators can be paired with multiple attachments, including tools for pinching, scooping, cutting and more. Whereas a wrecking ball could do little more than smash, high-reach excavators are akin to a human hand in the sky that dismantles structures more efficiently.

3. Facilitation of scrap metal recycling. As demolition tools have evolved, so have construction recycling practices. Rather than clogging landfills with perfectly usable building materials, leading industrial demolition contractors like us aim to separate and recycle as much as possible. Our efforts to recycle would be thwarted without high-reach excavators. These lengthy tools allow us to pull out metal that can be reused in future building projects.

Finally, with high-reach excavators, industrial demolition companies can dismantle buildings in tight spaces, such as urban zones. The precision and efficacy of long-reach excavators makes them a must-have for today’s industrial demolition contractors.

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