The Benefits of Long-Reach Excavators for Scrap Metal Demolition

High Reach Excavator ElderDemolition contractors are reliant on certain tools to do their work. Without crushers, shears, hammers, and other titanic equipment, demolition would be impossible—or at least incredibly time-intensive. Long- and high-reach excavators are especially key for companies specializing in scrap metal demolition. Montana to Maryland, there are plenty of advantages to using a long-reach excavator in scrap metal demolition work.

Benefits of Long-Reach Excavators for Scrap Metal Demolition

Scrap metal demolition contractors can see many up sides to using long-reach excavators.

1. Improved Precision and Control.
The wrecking ball lives up to its name—it often wrecks what it comes into contact with, which isn’t productive when you hope to offset demolition costs through scrap metal recycling or demolition asset recovery. Long- and high-reach excavators allow demolition contractors more precision, thereby increasing the amount of metal that can be safely salvaged from a demolition project. (By the way, there is a slight difference between these two terms; long-reach excavators are intended to reach horizontally, deep into the heart of buildings, while high-reach excavators extend vertically to grant access to upper stories.)

2. Versatile Performance.
Looking up at demolition projects around town, you’ll note that long-reach excavators often sport a bucket at the end of a long arm. (Very long, in some cases. Certain triple-boom excavators can reach more than 160 feet. ) But that’s not the only accessory that demolition contractors can select. The bucket may be switched out for cutting, shearing, or crushing equipment, giving the contractor an array of deconstruction options. Such flexibility in technique facilitates scrap metal demolition. It’s helpful to have an array of attachment tools when taking down metal structures such as water towers and storage tanks.

3. Enhanced Safety.
The long extending arm of a long- or high-reach excavator allows access where humans cannot safely tread. The chances of fall hazards are reduced when high- and long-reach excavators are present. With this kind of equipment at their disposal, demolition workers can stand farther away from the deconstruction action, making it less likely that something will fall down on them from above.

Overall, long- and high-reach excavators increase efficiency in removing metal for scrap recycling. As a West Coast leader in scrap metal demolition, Colorado to California, we can vouch for the fact that our work would be far more difficult without these gargantuan machines in our arsenal.

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