The Differences between Industrial and Commercial Building Demolition

industrial archeologyWhen it comes to building demolition, most people lump together all different kinds demolition contractors, from residential to industrial to commercial demolition experts. However, the truth is that each of these specialties provides unique challenges.

Industrial Building Demolition 101

In general, the term “industrial demolition” refers to the tearing down of factories, processing plants and other large-scale facilities. One of the largest industrial demolition projects ever completed was at Geneva Steel, a sprawling facility located in Orem, Utah. Industrial building demolition may involve the disposal of potentially hazardous materials including oil, asbestos and fuel. Demolition contractors definitely require specialized knowledge to complete industrial demolition jobs.

Commercial Building Demolition 101

Commercial demolition involves tearing down structures such as office buildings and schools. Compared to industrial demolition, commercial demolition often requires work to be completed in tight quarters, with buildings on all sides. Again, specialized skills and knowledge are required for demolition contractors to safely dismantle commercial buildings. While demolition contractors usually encounter fewer hazardous materials than on an industrial job, it’s not unusual to encounter potentially dangerous materials such as asbestos, lead, silica and PCBs when taking down a commercial building.

Elder Demolition: Your Partner for Both Commercial and Industrial Demolition

Elder Demolition has the know-how and expertise to successfully, safely demolish both industrial and commercial structures. We understand how to reduce exposure to hazardous materials, and we specialize in recycling as much as possible from our deconstruction projects. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner for your demolition project, give us a call.

[Photo by: Frestivo, via CC License]

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