Commercial and Industrial Demolition Benefits from High-Reach Excavator Versatility

Elder Demolition High-Reach ExcavatorExcavators are the workhorses of the commercial and industrial demolition scene. They are used for nearly every aspect of breaking apart buildings, from crushing concrete to cutting down steel for transportation. Below, we discuss how high-reach excavators increase versatility in industrial and commercial demolition. We’ll conclude our examination with a few points on what to look for in a high-reach excavator that will be used in building demolition.

Oregon to Ottawa, demolition projects can typically be completed in less time (and at a lower cost) with high-reach excavators. Here are a few ways high-reach excavators allow for more versatility in industrial and commercial demolition.

Reach into upper stories. Yes, it’s an obvious point, but high-reach excavators allow demolition companies to literally extend their reach. Without high-reach excavators, companies must rely on clunky, inaccurate wrecking balls.

Operate with fine control. Especially compared to the wrecking ball, high-reach excavators are far more precise. With such a fine touch, demolition is safer and more efficient.

Change out attachments with ease. Today’s high-reach excavators are compatible with all kinds of attachments, including hammers, crushers, shears and buckets, just to name a few. Switching out attachments and even changing from standard arm and boom to high-reach configuration may typically be done in under an hour.

Pruning, rather than blasting. Where a wrecking ball was required to tear through taller buildings, today’s high-reach excavators make it possible to be more selective during commercial and industrial demolition. For instance, a precise high-reach excavator can tear down an inner wall while leaving the outer shell of a building intact.

Elder Demolition uses high-reach excavators to achieve improved efficiency and to lower costs. For those in the market for high-reach excavators, we recommend considering operator comfort, built-in safety alarms and transportation options. Cabs that can recline up to 30 degrees make operators more comfortable, since they’re not craning their necks constantly.  Video and water suppression are both extremely useful features as well. Finally, to save on fuel costs, compare engine efficiency and look for auto-idling options.



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