Concrete Demolition Recycling Onsite for Greener Environments

Storms Hall RubbleConcrete demolition is a big part of most demolition jobs, as modern building techniques typical pair concrete and steel for strength. Therefore, when buildings are demolished, there’s usually a huge pile of concrete to be processed. Concrete demolition contractors may either crush this concrete on site or ship it off to a processing center. The following is a look at why the former option is the more “green” demolition choice.

Why Onsite Concrete Demolition is Better

The primary reason onsite concrete demolition is better for the environment has to do with fuel. Trucking tons of concrete to regional concrete demolition contractors requires a lot of gasoline – especially since this is some very heavy cargo. Green demolition enthusiasts keep concrete demolition local because it is better for the environment when less Co2 and other noxious gasoline gasses are released into the atmosphere.

Of course, the fact that this green demolition approach can also cut costs significantly is also appealing. Finally, increased public safety is another benefit of having less heavy truck traffic on the nation’s freeways.

Concrete Demolition Equipment

To handle onsite concrete processing, concrete demolition contractors require some very specialized equipment. Here at Elder Demolition, we use the 428 Trakpactor Impact Crusher from Powerscreen. This is an extremely powerful (and very large) mobile concrete processing machine. We like the 428 Trakpactor’s versatility, strength and reliability. It may be used either as the primary concrete demolition method, or it can provide secondary processing. The 428 Trakpactor is a highly efficient – and therefore cost effective and environmentally-friendly – concrete demolition tool.

[ Photo by: kirstenjoyhill, via CC License ]

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