Demolition and Asset Recovery Assists in Site Redevelopment

The Pearl District, Portland, Oregon DemolitionDemolition and asset recovery play key roles in site redevelopment and urban renewal. In Portland, demolition has also been a major factor in the city’s urban renewal process.

Redevelopment can be considered any new construction on a site that has already had previous uses. Normally, redevelopment includes the following variations:

  • Urban infill, in which vacant lots are used for construction
  • Denser land usage, such as when homeless camping spots are turned into apartment complexes
  • Adaptive reuse, in which older buildings that have outlived their previous purpose are redesigned and converted into something useful again

Other terms to describe this process include “urban revitalization” and “urban renewal.” Before any redevelopment site can be graced with a new building, the old structures must be removed through demolition.

Portland, Oregon has a unique history with urban renewal. By the late 1980s, the city’s northwest warehousing and industrial district was falling into disuse and decay. In the mid-1990s and early 2000s, this area was transformed into the upscale Pearl District. Today, the Pearl is a hub for nightlife and a neighborhood with high-income housing units. This posh area has unique parks, art galleries, captivating shops, and bustling cafes.

Let’s consider another example of site redevelopment, the decommissioning of a former chemical plant and the transformation of the site into an apartment complex in North Baddesley, Hampshire, UK.  In this particular site, demolition and asset removal services included asbestos removal, as well as the dismantling and removal of plant machinery for reuse in other capacities.

A demolition company such as Elder Demolition can help reduce landfill waste by providing demolition asset recovery services. Salvageable, and often valuable, demolition materials include scrap metal, concrete, support beams, pipes, bricks, sinks and other fixtures, and more. Portland demolition firms can save their clients money by recycling or repurposing salvageable items, help the environment by reducing waste and demand for virgin products, and help facilitate the process of redistricting and urban renewal in a safe and responsible manner.

[Photos by LikeWhere via CC License]

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