How to Choose the Right Demolition Contractor

While many people are fascinated by building demolition, there is little general understanding as to what distinguishes great demolition contractors from mediocre ones. If you’re looking for a demolition contractor, but don’t know where to start, the following information can help.

Types of Demolition Services

First and foremost, list the requirements of your project. Knowing what you need done will help you compare contractors. Here are a few common demolition services you may need:

Total demolition: The entire building will be destroyed.

Partial demolition: Only certain sections of the building will be destroyed.

Implosion: This involves a special type of demolition that requires unique approaches.

Asbestos abatement: You’ll need this if the targeted building contains asbestos.

Environmental cleanup: This is often necessary following the demolition of a paper mill, chemical plant or other site involving hazardous materials.

Debris removal: This is a huge job to take on yourself, so it’s often easier to let the demolition contractors handle it.

Choosing a Demolition Contractor

Once you have a basic list of project requirements, you can begin to solicit bids from demolition contractors. To make sure that you’re working with true experts, here are a few more questions to ask:

Is the contractor certified, licensed and properly insured? Asking this of all demolition contractors you’re considering is important for safety and liability reasons.

What similar projects have you done in the past? Looking at portfolios of past projects will help you assess the ability of each potential demolition partner. Just as you would with any other vendor, it’s a good idea to check references as well.

What is your projected cost? Be wary of extremely low price projections, which often indicate a less experienced contractor.

Are you a member of any demolition trade organizations? This indicates a truly informed group of demolition professionals.

Asking these questions can help you narrow down the best demolition contractors for your project. If you’re looking for reliable West Coast demolition contractors, Elder Demolition should be on your short list. We’re licensed for building demolition in multiple western states and are experts in all types of commercial and industrial demolition, from selective demolition to the removal of an entire building. And because we have plenty of experience in the field, we can manage several different building demolition projects simultaneously.

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