Top 5 Misconceptions about the Demolition Industry

CAUTIONThe demolition industry touches the lives of ordinary people every day, yet few people understand the significant role demolition services play in this country’s economic prosperity and redevelopment. The following is a look at the top five misconceptions people often have about the services demolition contractors offer.

1. Demolition contractors just like to “blow stuff up.”

Demolition contractors are constantly looking for better and more effective methods than the old wrecking ball and explosives. These days, it’s usually much more efficient to use technology like a 360-degree excavator, which works on demolition from the inside out. Skyscrapers are really the only buildings that are blown up these days, and explosives are only used when other technology cannot reach the upper stories. Those who provide demolition services are not explosion addicts; they are professional contractors with a passion for clearing the way for new projects.

2. Demolition services often destroy buildings that should be saved.

Yes, demolition services sometimes take down older, more historic buildings. But oftentimes the projects slated for destruction are structurally unsound, and therefore dangerous. Many buildings that are demolished were constructed before building standards were common. Finally, blaming the demolition contractors for the removal of a beloved old building is akin to shooting the messenger, in that demolition services are only brought in once all community hearings and other municipal requirements have occurred.

3. There is no such thing as “green demolitions” – demolition contractors carelessly throw away tons of materials.

Green demolitions are the standard these days, and demolition services recycle and salvage many materials. For instance, bricks may be cleaned and sold to other building contractors. Materials that cannot be processed on-site are shipped to licensed recycling facilities. For example, here at Elder Demolition we’re committed to green demolitions and send only 5-10 percent of materials to the landfill.

4.  There is no science to demolition.

Demolition contractors are not like kids randomly knocking down towers of blocks. Every aspect of a modern demolition is carefully monitored, planned and executed. Risk management, waste categorization and structural engineering are just a few areas of expertise that demolition services must have in order to survive in the demolition market.

5. All demolition services are basically the same.

Demolition is both a science and an art. Demolition services are as widely varying as any other industry’s players. From price to methodology to customer service, every demolition company is unique.

[ Photo by: MarkWallace, via CC License ]

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