High-Reach Demolition Excavators

High-Reach Excavators

HighReachDemolitionExcavatorHave a tall job for us? No problem! Developed locally by Jewell Manufacturing, Elder’s triple-boom long-stick excavators are one of the greatest innovations in the demolition industry. The modern marvel has an astonishing reach of up to 82 feet, giving Oregon demolition contractors the ability to tackle a greater range of projects, from extracting metal for asset recovery to carefully tearing down buildings in tight city blocks.

What Excavators Do

Initially excavators did just as their name implies—excavate. They revolutionized the construction industry with their superior digging powers. Over the years, excavators evolved to a do a plethora of other tasks. A demolition company can use them to dig and remove debris from sites, making projects faster and safer. Today, excavators are available in a variety of sizes and with an assortment of features and attachments. Popular types of excavators include:

  • Long-reach excavators: Excavators that extend up to 150 feet horizontally like an arm grabbing an apple from the far end of a table. They allow contractors to remove the contents on the lower levels of a building quickly.
  • High-reach excavators: Excavators that extend up to 160 feet vertically like a giraffe reaching for leaves on a tall tree. They are great for precision demolition in the highest, tightest spaces.

Excavator capabilities graphicAt Elder, we use a variety of attachments on our excavators to improve the efficiency and safety of our projects:

  • Scoops: Remove up to 57 cubic yards of debris at a time
  • Crushers: Crush concrete with up to 800 tons of force to create gravel-like material
  • Hydraulic hammers: Apply up to 20,000 foot pounds of force to break up objects
  • Magnets: Efficiently remove metal from Oregon demolition sites for asset recovery
  • Clamps: Lift more than 1,000 pounds of debris with up to 4,000 pounds of force
  • Monitors and camera attachments: Improve operator visibility, safety and productivity
  • Spray nozzles: Spray water on demolition sites to reduce dust by over 90 percent
  • Shears: Gnaw through steel with up to 15,000 tons of force for precision demolition and asset recovery

Benefits of High-Reach Excavators

Enhanced Productivity

OregonDemolitionServicesThe high-reach excavators at Elder have a strong, durable construction to stand up to the demands of each job. Their comfort and ease of operation ensure that our crew stays focused throughout the day.

An excavator’s attachments allows us to switch from shorter to longer arms, as well as switch between tools, in a short amount of time without needing to leave the site. This eliminates the need to wait for different types of heavy machinery to arrive, which is particularly advantageous when deadlines are tight or projects are in compact urban areas.

Improved Safety

Wrecking balls and explosives are difficult to control, posing a great risk to worker and public safety. Thanks to the excavator’s long arms, which prune instead of blast, our crew can work farther away from falling debris. Because the equipment reaches areas that workers cannot access safely, it also reduces the risk of falls.

All our workers, including those who are not equipment operators, receive comprehensive ongoing training in the use of excavators and other heavy machinery. We inspect the excavators at the beginning of each shift using a formal inspection document. The equipment also has clear, color-coded warning labels, labeled controls, and readily available operation manuals.


High-reach excavators are so exact that they can remove a building’s inner walls and leave its outer shell intact. They allow a demolition company to remove particular elements from a building while leaving the others undisturbed, making them the equipment of choice for tight spaces and asset recovery.

Asset Recovery

SteelRemovalDemolition sites are ripe with materials that clients can salvage, recycle or sell to offset project costs. The attachments on our high-reach excavators make separating and processing these items, such as metal and concrete, faster, safer and simpler than doing it by hand, maximizing a client’s ROI.

Green Demolition

When one piece of equipment can perform multiple jobs, we burn through less fuel and reduce congestion on roadways. The attachments allow workers to remove assets from sites with precision, so less waste ends up in costly landfills. Elder’s green demolition techniques can also help your project earn LEED points.

Without high-reach excavators, demolition projects would be messier, more expensive, and take longer to complete. Contact us today to learn how the precision equipment at Elder can make your project safer and more productive.

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