What is Green Demolition?

Demolition136 million tons. That’s the amount of construction waste U.S. building projects generated in 2008, according to the EPA. Overall, that’s roughly 40 percent of the solid waste produced by the entire country! If you’re currently overseeing a construction project, consider partnering with LEED certified demolition companies to cut construction waste.

Defining a Green Demolition Service

In general, green demolition service involves recycling as many demolished building materials as possible. Everything from pipes to flooring can be recycled if the proper steps are taken by the demolition company. Although earth-friendly demolition appears to cost more up front, many contractors find they can earn back landfill and tax credits by going green.

Beyond the above basic definition, some cities have set specific requirements for green demolition. San Diego, for instance, will not refund contractors’ license deposits unless they recycle at least 50 percent of their construction waste.

LEED Certified Demolition Companies: Helping You Go Green

So, how can you tell if a demolition company is truly green? Well, LEED certification is a good place to start. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an international standard for green construction. To earn LEED certification, a building project must meet guidelines in a variety of areas, from lighting to energy efficiency to construction quality. In terms of demolition service requirements, LEED certified demolition companies can help by recycling clients’ concrete on-site. This can help building projects earn points toward LEED certification.

Elder Demolition: The Pacific Northwest’s Leading Green Demolition Company

Elder Demolition is your green demolition partner in the Pacific Northwest. As evidence, consider that we maintain a powerful concrete crusher, which can chew up tons of concrete into gravel that may be used in future construction projects. By recycling tons of concrete in this way every year, we’re reducing the amount of waste that enters our landfills.  If you’re scouting out LEED certified demolition companies, consider Elder Demolition.


[Photo by: Eddie~S, via CC License]

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