Choosing a High-Reach Excavator for Industrial Demolition

High Reach ExcavatorIndustrial demolition companies maintain and use some of the world’s most impressive tools. For instance, while removing building materials for scrap metal demolition, we use industrial shears, enormous crushers and high-reach excavators. These tools are needed to tear apart and retrieve building materials so they may be sorted for recycling. Below, we’ll discuss a bit about what industrial demolition contractors should seek when selecting a high-reach excavator.

Industrial Demolition Tips: What to Look for when Choosing a High-Reach Excavator

1. Strong, sturdy construction. Look for an excavator with strong undercarriage components as well as a tough frame.  High-reach excavators must be hardy in order to stand up to the demands of industrial demolition. And they must be extremely stable in order to safely remove scrap located dozens of stories up. Prioritize machines with counterweights, which provide extra stability.

2. Wide array of attachments. Just as a pocket knife with more tool options is handy in the woods, a high-reach excavator will be of more use to industrial demolition contractors if it has a variety of attachment options, including hammers, shears, grapples and universal processors. Also look for excavators that make it easy to switch out one attachment for another. Finally, we suggest investing in an excavator that can operate with electromagnetic attachments. This will greatly accelerate the industrial demolition process.

3. Comfort and ease of operation. A demolition contractor may spend his or her entire day in the cab of a high-reach excavator, so comfort is important. A larger cab with options for seat adjustments, or preferably a tilt cab, will be more comfortable. Additionally, ease of operation should be considered. Will the excavator be maneuvered via joystick or foot pedal? Does the machine allow for precise hydraulic flow adjustment? Will it work well with your most important attachments? These questions can help contractors find the best excavators for their needs.

Here at Elder Demolition, we use high-reach excavators as part of our extensive scrap metal demolition program. Metal is unique among building materials in that it loses no strength when recycled. As we dismantle buildings across the western states (Montana, Colorado and Arizona being a few of the states we serve), we recycle as much metal as possible.

Without high-reach excavators, we simply couldn’t process as much scrap metal, and our demolition projects would take far longer to complete – and at a higher cost to clients. For all of these reasons, we use top-shelf high-reach excavators, including Jewell triple-boom excavators. High-reach excavators allow for improved accuracy, efficiency, worker safety and maneuverability in tight demolition locations. Industrial demolition contractors can ensure they have the best high-reach excavator for their needs by following the tips listed above.

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