High-Reach Excavator Transport Joint Versatility for Industrial Demolition Contractors

Industrial Demolition high Reach ExcavatorIn our West Coast industrial demolition, Montana to California and Washington to Arizona, we rely on high-reach excavators to tear down buildings much more safely and effectively than with the wrecking ball and chain. High-reach excavators, with booms as long as 82 feet, allow our workers to stand farther away from falling debris, while reaching upper stories with ease. Adding a transport joint makes a high-reach excavator even more efficient.

A transport joint allows an industrial demolition contractor to switch to a shorter arm onsite, usually within a couple of hours. This single joint reduces the need to bring in tons of extra equipment. The ability to use several arm lengths with the same excavator improves project efficiency, saving time that would otherwise be spent in making arrangements for additional equipment. And demolition project time savings means cost savings, making customers happy.

Beyond the advantage of boosted productivity, the use of a transport joint in industrial demolition, Colorado to Connecticut, also benefits the environment by reducing the amount of fuel used in demolition.

Additionally, by taking tons of equipment off the road, a transport joint reduces road congestion.

Finally, a transport joint is a real advantage in demolition zones that are short on space. In most urban areas, industrial demolition projects must operate in quite compact situations. In such circumstances, the high-reach excavator and joint transport may be broken down, transported to the location, and re-assembled on the street.

We buy much of our demolition heavy equipment, including transport joints, from Portland-based Jewel Manufacturing. Jewell’s transport joints also allow us to more easily transport and store demolition equipment. Our transport joints also boast quick connectors, further expediting the process of exchanging arm lengths.

Because a transport joint adds versatility, efficiency, and dexterity, it is an excellent tool to have in industrial demolition.


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