Industrial Demolition Contractors: LEED Certification and Asset Recovery

industrial demolition contractors LEED CertificationIncreasingly, businesses are recognizing that what’s good for the earth is also good for the bottom line. This is definitely the case with demolition asset recovery, which can help offset demolition costs while also helping building projects earn LEED certification.

LEED Certification: What is it? What are its benefits?

The LEED Certification system is the country’s leading benchmark for green building. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. High performance eco-friendly buildings are rated LEED bronze, silver, gold, or the highest rating of platinum, so as to rank sustainability. Projects that win LEED certification can earn tax incentives, and special zoning allowances, not to mention the attention of environment-conscious consumers.

How Demolition Asset Recovery Figures into LEED Certification

Concrete CrusherMany different parts of a building may be recycled and reused. Concrete can be crushed for use in foundation aggregate. Wood can be mulched or chipped for compost or fuel. And scrap metals can be melted down and used in new construction projects. Nylon carpets, gypsum boards, sinks, and electrical fixtures can also be salvaged.

Selling these reusable building materials not only improves the clients’ bottom line; it can also help construction projects earn one or two points toward LEED certification. A recycling rate of 50% earns one LEED point, while building projects that achieve a recycling rate of 75% or better can earn 2 points. Additional points may be earned by reusing salvaged materials on site in new construction.

Industrial demolition contractors can help your project earn LEED certification through asset recovery. As you vet potential demolition firms, pay attention to how each potential demolition partner approaches asset recovery. Not only will this aspect of your operations have a huge impact on your cost figures, but exceptional asset recovery can win you extra LEED points, getting you that much closer to achieving LEED certification.

[Photo by OregonDOT via CC License]

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