New Game Allows Kids to Tackle Construction & Demolition Methods

Construction SimulatorManpower research indicates that the largest gap in the American workforce is for skilled contractors, such as welders, electricians, and crane operators. Employers have the hardest time filling positions for such skilled construction workers. And given that 53% of skilled workers in the U.S. were 45 years of age or older in 2012, according to EMSI, it’s only going to become more difficult to fill skilled contractor positions going forward. To keep up with demand, we need to attract a new generation of workers to the construction industry. A new video game could accomplish just that by getting young people interested in construction and demolition methods.

Construction Simulator 2015 puts the player in the position of construction engineer. To successfully complete a project, the player must control various types of realistic construction equipment to check off a list of tasks for each project. Players can choose from different construction sites, such as a town hall or wind farm. By completing construction tasks, the player is able to buy more construction equipment. (At the start of the game, each player has access to just four machines.) Additionally, the game includes a “leveling up” component, in which each player starts as an Apprentice and works his or her way toward becoming a Building Tycoon.

Being a simulation game, Construction Simulator 2015 includes realistic details in more than 300 construction tasks, including:

–Operating a concrete pump to fill formwork,
–Excavating a foundation,
–Placing roof trusses with a mobile crane and more.

Today, Construction Simulator is available for $1.29 for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. PC and MAC players may play through the entertainment platform Steam. As demolition experts, we are thrilled to see games that can interest young people in a rewarding, fascinating industry.

[Image Courtesy of Bau-Simulator]

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