Northwest Developers Will Rely on Demolition Services in 2021

demoliton-siteThe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt and has rippled across virtually every sector of the economy. Land developers, however, are still moving forward with their many projects, and demolition services are in high demand as construction continues in 2021. 

Industrial development continues to grow, as construction has been deemed an essential service and thus not restricted by shut down precautions. In this article, we’ll take a look at some exciting developments in the industry.

Increasing Need for Demolition Services in Oregon

According to a recent report out of Bend, OR, construction continues its brisk pace of development. Bend reported in April that it had “not seen a significant change in construction activity, despite the changing economic climate.” 

This continuing demand for industrial space is excellent news for the Northwest’s economy, as construction and demolition form a significant contributor to many communities. Governor Kate Brown exempted the construction industry from the “Stay Home, Save Lives” order, as it is “an economic pillar of the state.”

2019 also was a boom year for construction in Portland, with an increasing demand for industrial space throughout the city. As the city continues to expand and come up against natural limits and expansion boundary lines, many property developers are turning to demolition services to help create new space for their projects. 

Writing back in 2019, the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors pointed out that “As the land supply continues to shrink, construction costs steadily escalate… the redevelopment of existing structures will become a more economically practical way to bring available square feet to the market.”

All of these continued and new construction projects will necessitate that the demolition industry is ready to assist in doing what it does best: creating pristine sites to build new construction. We at Elder Demolition are expert commercial demolition contractors, with a proven track record to efficiently demolish buildings and recover valuable assets that can help offset the cost of demolition. 

New Real Estate Development Projects Promise a Greener Future

Seattle and Portland are both home to new skyscrapers and new office and industrial projects that incorporate developments in green construction. Let’s take a look at a couple of these projects.

The PAE Living Building

A living building sounds magical, but there is nothing fantastical about this commercial project that broke ground in March 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2021. This building is a 58,700 square foot mixed-use project designed to last 500 or more years. It is the first building in Portland to meet the elusive full seven-petal Living Building Challenge certification. 

It ambitiously attempts to be fully self-sufficient, recycling wastewater, gathering solar energy, and meet 100 percent of its water needs through on-site collection and treatment. The materials used also meet the very stringent requirements of the International Living Future Institute’s red list materials.

Expanding the Seattle Skyline

A number of skyscrapers are set to be completed in 2021 and beyond. Each of these will be built in already crowded areas, so precision demolition is a must. 

One of these projects is the 8 Tower, which is scheduled to be completed in 2021 and will contain 300 homes in its 42 stories. Another condo high rise is 600 Wall Street, which is set to have 352 homes in its thin, triangular footprint.

2014 Fairview Avenue is set to be completed late in 2021 and will feature 41 stories and 440 apartment units. The Rainier Square Tower is already the second tallest building in Seattle – and it is still under construction!  It stands at 850 feet tall and features 58 stories.

Commercial Demolition Services Provide Value to Land Development Companies

When an industrial developer or a real estate developer is looking for their next opportunity to grow their business, they may find it difficult to find shovel-ready sites in the Northwest. This is why demolition services are so important, as they are able to make room for developers.

commercial-demolition-provides-value-to-land-developersIn addition, industrial demolition asset recovery partners are able to break down buildings and recover valuable materials like metals, architectural features, windows, pipes, flooring, concrete, drywall, and more, thus extracting value from what could just be a loss. 

Crowded cities often demand quick and efficient demolition and Elder Demolition provides the best service in the industry. To learn more about our demolition services, please contact us today.

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