Oregon Demolition Companies Play Key Role in Wildfire Cleanup & Recovery

Wildfire-and-treesOregon demolition contractors are integral with the recovery effort that follows any wildfire. Before any rebuilding can take place, burned or ruined structures, felled trees, and other debris must be processed and removed safely. Luckily, demolition companies, like Elder Demolition, are equipped and experienced to take on this tough and vital job.

Expertise in Demolition Services Aids in Disaster Preparedness

The best way to ensure a safe and efficient recovery is to have the proper preparation and planning in place. 99 percent of Oregon demolition work is performed by hand or with specialized equipment, necessitating careful planning and safety. Demolition companies are masters at planning large scale projects and likely have a plan in place in order to respond to recovery efforts. 

Elder Demolition has responded to natural disasters in the past, and knows the following is important in any recovery effort:

  • Knowledge of the physical and mechanical aspects of a building
  • Knowledge of local regulations 
  • Informing decisions around engineering and structural stability
  • Identifying, removing, and disposing of toxic, hazardous, and similar materials
  • Identifying and planning for unknown hazards
  • Usage, training, and knowledge of the best protective equipment 
  • Knowledge of decontamination and environmental remediation procedures
  • Access to and training on specialized demolition equipment
  • Ability and resources to move large amounts of debris for safe and fast clean up

Wildfire Recovery in Oregon

Recovery from a wildfire is a two step process in Oregon. First, working with local, federal, and state partners, hazardous waste, ash, and debris are removed quickly and safely. Then state-hired demolition contractors remove hazardous trees, ash and debris. 

The recovery effort for the 2020 wildfire season is underway and expected to be a multi-month process. You can learn more about that process from the Oregon state website.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Any building, from a home to a business, must be treated with care before reentering. The trauma of losing a home is significant, and can cause some to forget the dangers of entering a burned building before hazardous waste has been removed. 

Potential dangers include:

  • Ash containing asbestos, mercury, lead, cadmium, and other dangerous chemicals
  • Electrical hazards from exposed wires 
  • Sharp objects, such as broken glass, exposed nails, or shattered wood
  • Structures may not be sound and may have a danger of further collapse

Demolition services are experts at identifying and removing hazards such as these from wildfire recovery sites. 

Cleaning up Ash, Debris, and Damaged Buildings

In the clean up phase, there is a delicate balance between cleaning up the site quickly and thoroughly removing debris. When a building is destroyed, any remainder of the former building must be removed and safely processed before going into a landfill. 

Oregon demolition contractors must work to remove the concrete supports both above and below ground in order to prepare the area for rebuilding. During this time any salvageable materials are separated out, such as scrap metal and concrete crushing which transforms these materials from waste into valuable resources. Specialized equipment and knowledge is needed in order to perform this vital step of any recovery.

Learn More About Our Demolition Services, Recycling Capabilities & Asset Recovery Expertise

Elder Demolition is using the Tigercat, a specialized tree harvesting machine, to help clear forests of hazardous trees that have been downed in the recent fires. These machines are specially designed to prevent starting fires and to detect fire early on to put it out before it begins.  

Other Oregon demolition contractors are helping across the state clearing debris and preparing the way for new construction and recovery. Elder Demolition has a proven history of assistance in such recovery efforts and you can trust their expertise for any demolition project whether for wildfire recovery, real estate development, industrial demolition, or other demolition services. Contact us today or take a look at our many services offered.

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