Keep the Neighborly Feelings Flowing During Oregon Demolition

Home DemolitionAs Portland demolition contactors, we’re all about keeping the peace. We know there are few things worse than a bad relationship with a neighbor—in both commercial and residential settings. Little in life is more irritating than an inconsiderate neighbor during construction and remodeling. If you’re planning a renovation or construction project of any kind, consider these tips to maintain friendly relationships with your neighbors.

Residential Building Demolition: Portland Contractors on Maintaining the Peace with Neighbors

  1. Communicate. There’s no way around making noise during a demolition/construction project. Neighboring business owners and residents understand this, and they’ll be more accepting of ambient noise if they’re aware of your building or demolition schedule. Thoughtfully conveying information about a building project helps minimize problems. Communicate your building plans, the anticipated project duration, and the builder’s contact information. This will allow neighbors to prepare themselves for your project and give them an additional resource to connect with when they have questions.
  1. Consider their schedule. There are better times than others to work on noisy aspects of your new project. Consider asking neighbors them for a copy of their schedule and when they would prefer you work on louder parts of your construction project. Of course you won’t be able to create a perfect schedule for everyone, but asking for this kind of input shows neighbors you’re doing your best to be polite.
  1. Give. Whether it’s through thank you cards or a small gift, offer something. People appreciate such thoughtfulness. A small token of your gratitude for your neighbor’s patience can make a huge difference.
  1. Be mindful of surrounding spaces. Avoid creating neighborhood eyesores during construction. Keep unattractive machinery and waste receptacles out of community spaces. Your neighbor probably doesn’t want to look out their window and stare at a dumpster. Again, it’s not always possible to completely hide construction containers, but it’s a good goal to strive for.
  1. Share. When the project is completed, thank your neighbors again for being patient, and invite them over to share a bottle of their favorite wine and dessert. This is a great approach with residential neighbors that you know well. If your project is more commercial in nature, consider inviting neighbors to an open house to show off your new space and keep the camaraderie going strong.

Extending these forms of kindness to your neighbors will likely pay off in the form of fewer hassles during construction. As Portland demolition contractors, we must follow city and state codes regarding noise ordinances. But we have found that going the extra mile for preserving neighborhood peace is always a good idea.

[Photo by Alex Pepperhill via CC License]

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