Oregon DEQ Explains Portland Demolition and Salvage Program Depots

UntitledAbout a quarter of the Portland metro area’s trash is composed of construction materials. Recognizing that many construction materials can be repurposed in new structures, the Oregon legislature passed House Bill 3456 to encourage demolition asset recovery from building sites. Waste producers that follow the three programs from bill 3456 can earn up to 6% off waste generation fees. One of those programs is for construction and demolition debris. Demolition depots are crucial in the construction recycling process. They facilitate demolition asset recovery by accepting building materials.

What Demolition Salvage Depots Do

Demolition depots maintain locations where consumers and contractors can drop off or buy used building materials from demolition. Portland is lucky to have more than 100 nearby recycling locations, as outlined in Metro’s Construction Salvage and Recycling Toolkit. Without demolition depots, these materials would likely end up in landfills. Demolition depots may be for profit or non-profit, public or private.

Characteristics of a Successful Salvage Depot Program

According to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, a top-notch demolition depot has:

–A convenient location, near a landfill or transfer station.
–Financial incentives for those who donate materials. Pay, tax credits, and store credits are some of the available incentives.
–Convenient, regular hours when professionals staff the depot.
–Education programs for area businesses and consumers. Educational programs should educate local industries, trade organizations, and individuals on how to reuse construction and demolition debris.
–A strong business plan, including promotion and marketing.

Existing Demolition and Salvage Depots in the Portland Area

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are a few of the most popular Portland demolition depots.

The ReBuilding Center
3625 N. Mississippi Ave.
Most building materials are accepted, but it is recommended that you email or call The ReBuilding Center prior to dropping off demolition and salvage materials.

Rejuvenation, Inc.
1100 SE Grand Ave.
Contact salvage buyers via email. They will probably ask you for pictures of salvaged items. Rejuvenation only accepts items originating from prior to the 1940s.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
10445 SE Cherry Blossom Drive
malia@pdxrestore.org (Malia Tam Sing is the Portland ReStore assistant manager)
Donations accepted 9am-4:30pm, Monday through Saturday. Tax deduction receipts provided. Building materials are reused in Habitat for Humanity buildings. The public may also buy reclaimed building materials from ReStores.

By recycling as much as possible from construction and demolition debris, consumers and businesses can help minimize our landfill volumes. Demolition depots facilitate C&D recycling by maintaining exchange centers for salvaged building materials.

[photo by: Denna Jones on Flickr via CC License]

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