Portland Salvage Yards & Material Exchanges: Tips & Resources

Poerland Demolition Green DemolitionGreen demolition is gaining popularity across the country, for a multitude of reasons. For one thing, commercial and residential demolition projects can earn LEED points by salvaging as much as possible. As is often the case with “going green,” saving the planet by salvaging materials also means saving money on demolition costs.  Today we’re examining the benefits that homeowners can see by reusing building materials in their home renovation and construction projects. We also provide a list of resources on where to go for reused building materials in Portland.

Homeowners’ Benefits of Using Demolition Salvage Materials

Supports the local economy. Rather than buying that next fixture from a big box store, why not visit a local rebuilding resource? Doing so keeps more funds in Portland, for Portland families.

Find period-appropriate furniture and fixtures. Local home material salvage centers boast plenty of original fixtures and hardware, making it easy to match your construction project to your home’s original period.

Save money. You can typically score savings on salvaged home materials purchased through a salvage redistribution center.

Feel good about your contribution to preserving the environment. Construction and demolition waste makes up 40% of our country’s waste stream. By reusing building materials from demolished structures, you’re keeping materials out of the landfill. At the same time, by choosing to reuse rather than buy new, you’re minimizing the demand for new products, and decreasing the amount of energy used to manufacture and ship those new products.

Access high-quality materials. Whether you’re looking for period-appropriate or contemporary building materials, you can find high-quality options at reuse centers. Indeed, it’s not unusual to find builder overstock at salvage centers—meaning that you pay far less for never-used materials.

Give your home a splash of character. Using a period lamp or doorknob adds intrigue and interest to any home—just the kind of character that homebuyers love to see. Don’t be surprised if your home value goes up after you incorporate period-specific salvaged materials.

5 Portland Demolition Reuse Resources

1. Visit BuildGreen411.com. This website is a free resource offered by regional governments. It includes information on green building incentives, salvage yards, online material exchanges, green building certification, sustainable preservation, and more. Alternatively, you can call the Regional Green Building Hotline at 503-823-5431.

2. For General Salvage Shopping, Visit The Rebuilding Center or Habitat ReStore. Each of these centers offers a variety of building materials, from lumber to fixtures. You can also find appliances here.

3. For Stoves, Visit Buck’s Stove Palace and Antiques. This sprawling complex on SE Foster will surely contain the wood stove for your project.

4. For Hardwood Floors, visit
McGee Salvage. McGee specializes in reclaiming hardwood floors. They preserve the original tongue and groove during removal, de-nail and scrape it, and bundle the flooring for reinstallation.

5. For Antique Fixtures and Hardware, visit Old Portland Hardware & Architectural. From their 14,000 square-foot warehouse in NE Portland, Old Portland Hardware carries all manner of architectural ornamentation, lighting fixtures, oddities, and hardware.

By taking advantage of these local Portland building reuse resources, you can help keep the Rose City green. If you’re interested in salvaging building materials from your home renovation or demolition project, check out our blog on salvaging Ideas for homeowners.

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