Portland Pre-Demolition Inspection vs Pre-Bid Walk-Through

portland-demolition-electrician-inspectionPre-demolition inspections and pre-bid walk-through are important steps in a Portland demolition project. The processes help demolition companies in Oregon understand project scopes better and identify materials to remove prior to demolition. In some instances, inspections and walk-throughs may be required by law. By understanding the difference between the processes, you’ll be better prepared for your own upcoming demolition project.

Pre-Demolition Inspection on Portland Demolition Sites

Pre-demolition inspections identify environmental issues that need immediate attention or need to be included in bid specifications. Including this information in specification helps Portland demolition contractors provide more accurate estimates. It also puts you in a positions that better ensures the work that needs to be done is completed correctly and at the most competitive rate. In some cases, contractors may pair you with companies that are more qualified to manage the environmental responsibilities and prevent costly contract changes.

Pre-demolition inspections are good for helping you determine the scope of environmental issues on a site. If the issues are significant enough, you might find that it’s better to consolidate the environmental work and receive separate bids for it. The benefits of doing so may include:

  • Attracting bidders with the skills needed to handle the issues efficiently, safely and at the lowest cost
  • Saving money by consolidating waste management tasks
  • Eliminating overhead costs that Portland demolitions companies may charge if they need to hire a subcontractor
  • Gaining more control over a project

Benefits of Pre-Demolition Inspections

  • Gain information about:
    • The condition of the building and site
    • The building’s size
    • Building materials at the site
    • Environmental issues present
    • Details that help you acquire the most appropriate bids for your project
  • Receive information about what to include when preparing bid requests
  • Give bidders better information about the site and the work you want completed
  • Receive bids that are more consistent, making them simpler to compare and evaluate
  • Determine what building materials are good candidates for asset recovery

Failing to have an accredited specialist complete pre-demolition inspection forces prospective bidders to make guesses about the work that needs to be done. This makes it more difficult to provide contractors with important information and determine which bid is the most competitive and offers the most value. Without an inspection, you won’t be able to provide clear boundaries, which increases the risk of miscommunication, not receiving the work you expected, and differences of opinion.

Pre-Inspection Considerations

demolition-worker-inspectionEach municipality, county and state government has its own requirements regarding if your organization or a contractor must complete government requirements, such as submitting forms, obtaining permits, and receiving government approvals. As a result, it’s best to complete a pre-inspection early so you have enough time to meet deadlines.

It’s a good idea to have a trained staff member or a qualified third-party monitor the environmental work related to your Portland demolition project to better control costs, manage liability and have more control over the work. It’s also wise to consider how you’ll handle salvaged building materials in advance.

Pre-Bid Walk-Through

During the bid preparation period, a pre-bid walk-through gives bidders a chance to visit an Oregon demolition project site to determine what they’ll need to do to fulfill the requirements you outline in your proposal solicitation. The information gathered during a pre-demolition inspection supplies some of these details.

During a pre-bid walk-through, prospective bidders visit a project site and ask questions about the project and information found in the solicitation documents. Granting contractors access to a site allows them to provide you with bids that are more accurate because they’ll have a better understanding of a project’s size and scope. Depending on walk-through results, you may need to extend the bid submission date by adding an addendum that gives contractors enough time to address changes in the solicitation documents.

Benefits of Pre-Bid Walk-Throughs

  • Prospective bidders see a project site and person, helping them determine what they’ll need to complete your project per the specifications outlined
  • Receive bids that are more accurate and complete
  • Have a better idea of the costs the project will incur

Pre-Bid Walk-Through Considerations


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Not completing a pre-bid walk-through is risky for Portland demolition contractors. Completing a pre-demolition inspection and providing details regarding the inspection and project before a walk-through allows prospective bidders to prepare questions. Creating a checklist and breaking down data into different categories before a walk-through helps prospects know what to expect and be aware of special considerations. In addition to ensuring appropriate data collection for bid preparation, a checklist also helps a contractor know how they can stand out from competitors with cost-saving ideas, efficient procedures and specialized equipment.

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