Commercial Demolition Companies Contribute to Urban Revitalization

dog-on-neighborhood-streetAs Portland, Oregon, and other urban centers continue to renew neighborhoods, commercial demolition companies in Oregon are doing their part in creating new and beautiful spaces for its citizens. Portland is committed to renewing the city to make it one of America’s most livable cities by improving new parks, streetscapes, and community centers.  Continue reading

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5 Industrial Demolition Trends in 2020

graph-on-paper-with-penThe Oregon demolition and construction industry will grow in 2020 as the value of construction rises. According to a market research report, “the amount of construction spending for single-family housing… directly drives demand for demolitions,” and demolition contractors “are often hired to dismantle old bridges and other large-scale structures in preparation for the installation of new infrastructure.”  Continue reading

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Industrial Demolition Contractors Make Space for Developers in 2020

industrial-demolition-in-portland2019 was another big year for Oregon demolition contractors, with nearly 2.7 million square feet of industrial buildings completed or under construction in the year. The new year is shaping to be just as productive for construction and demolition companies, with an additional 3.9 million square feet in various stages of planning indicating continuing growth in the new year

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How Could OSHA’s Drone Authorization Affect Oregon Contractors?

OSHA has recently authorized the use of camera-equipped drones to assist in their inspections of industrial demolition sites. The drone inspection program at OSHA is still small, with only two drones in operation. Nevertheless, the Associated General Contractors of America is monitoring its expansion

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5 Winter Demolition Safety Tips for Oregon Contractors

city street with snow at nightCold weather is coming, and demolition companies in Portland need to be ready to face the hazards that winter brings. Freezing conditions require special preparations and adaptations to anticipate potentially costly and dangerous stoppages at work. OSHA does not have specific winter regulations, but its demolition safety tips should be carefully adhered to, especially during the winter. Continue reading

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3 Ways Offsite Construction Affects Portland’s C&D Industry

construction site workersOffsite construction, while being around for many decades, has begun to see a surge in popularity among construction and demolition companies in Portland. More and more sectors of the construction and demolition industry are using offsite construction to deliver quicker, less expensive results, and to help deal with the labor shortage that pervades the industry.

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Women Embrace Construction & Demolition Industry Jobs

female construction workerIt is no secret that the construction industry is facing a labor shortage that has already begun to impact industrial demolition companies in Portland. This shortage comes in the midst of a construction and demolition boom.

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Why Gen Z May Be the Answer to Construction & Demolition Labor Shortage

Gen Z graduation ceremonyIt’s not news that Portland demolition contractors are facing a labor shortage and the potential disruption new technologies will have on the industry. The construction industry is in transition as baby boomers retire in increasing numbers and a new generation enters the industry.

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Will the Construction & Demolition Industry Slow Down in 2020?

construction hatsThere have been multiple predictions of a market slowdown coming in 2020. However, since the Great Recession in 2008, the economy has been growing steadily at a rate of 2% in 2018, and an expected continued growth of 3%. 

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Portland Demolition Contractors Manage the Turning Tides of Climate Change

climate change air pollutionClimate change is set to impact every aspect of our lives, and that extends to the world of industrial demolition.

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