Salvaging and Recycling Scrap Metals – How it Works

Scrap HeapThe obvious advantages of steel as a construction material mean that with any industrial demolition project, you’re bound to end up with a lot of scrap metal. That’s why it’s helpful to have scrap metal recyclers on your demolition team.

Gathering up and processing scrap metals for recycling is no simple process. It requires a lot of labor as well as the right type of equipment. Here at Elder Demolition, we’ve got the tools required to process your steel for recycling or sale to a scrap metal business; we recycle thousands of tons of steel every year from our demolition projects. Here’s a look at what we do:

Removal of steel structures. Water tanks, radio towers, steel bridge decking and other structures that are composed largely of steel require industrial shears in order to slice through the metal. Once the building is brought down, further cutting is necessary to reduce the larger pieces to a recyclable size.

Processing large scrap metals. Even if a building isn’t composed primarily of steel, many commercial and industrial structures feature steel beams or other large components. Our scrap metal recyclers gather and process these larger pieces for recycling.

Gathering smaller scrap metals. Collecting all of the scrap metals on a demolition site by hand is a laborious chore. We use large magnet attachments on our demolition equipment to gather up all of the smaller scrap metals quickly and safely.

Not only do we recycle steel from our demolition sites, but we offer processing services for those in the scrap metal business. Contact us for more information on our scrap metal recycling services.

[Photo by: David Barrie, via CC License]

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