Asset Recovery

Demolition Asset Recovery

OregonDemolitionAssetRecoveryA building demolition isn’t just another project. When you add asset recovery to your Oregon demolition project, our expert contractors can turn it into a valuable opportunity that maximizes your resources and returns. Elder is an asset recovery leader that gives clients the opportunity to capitalize on a site’s unused or end-of-life assets through recycling, reclamation, reuse or resale. Many facilities often contain a wealth of materials within their walls, such as metal, equipment and machinery that our specialists can salvage, allowing you to turn the untapped resources into positive capital.

Importance of Asset Recovery in Demolition

AssetRecoveryDebris produced from construction and demolition projects makes up to 40 percent of the landfill stream in the U.S., amounting to about 136 million tons of trash annually. Every time a building is demolished and replaced with a more energy efficient building, it takes about 50 years to recover the project’s environmental impact, directly affecting future generations. As natural resources dwindle and materials become more expensive to produce, reusing and recycling becomes an important component to reducing costs, limiting waste and lowering carbon footprints. By using a demolition company that prioritizes green demolition, like Elder, you positively influence climate change.

Materials that Elder salvages include:

  • Metal, such as copper, aluminum and steel
  • Pipes
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Bricks
  • Structural beams
  • Roof shingles
  • Wiring
  • Concrete
  • Fixtures, such as sinks and lighting
  • Finishing materials
  • Drywall
  • Generators
  • HVAC units
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Machinery
  • Glass
  • And more…

brickassetrecoveryAsset recovery isn’t just good for the environment and your project’s budget; it also furthers your green-building initiatives. Recycling and reusing building materials can help you earn coveted LEED points for credits 2, 3 and 4 under “Materials and Resources.” The specialists at Elder are happy to help you discover ways to maximize the LEED points your project may earn.

Financial Benefits of Oregon Demolition and Asset Recovery

In addition to diverting waste from expensive landfills, some of the greatest financial advantages of asset recovery are the opportunities to sell materials and, in turn, partially or completely offset project costs. Scrap metal, for example, is a hot-ticket item. Our precision equipment and strong magnets salvage and sort metal on-site. We’ll even buy the metal from you or help you sell it.

An asset that’s simple to overlook is concrete, which may be sent to landfills and incur significant costs without a second thought. Elder uses crushers to breakdown concrete into small, gravel-like pieces that you can use for embankments, roads, landscaping or pipe bedding. Because we crush the concrete on-site, we eliminate fuel and transportation costs involved with taking the material to a processing center or landfill.

Site remediation, an important consideration for site redevelopment, is an element that some miss in regards to asset recovery. When demolishing a structure, Elder will strategically eliminate hazardous waste from the site so the only thing left is clean, flat dirt—a project’s most important asset. Failing to consider hazardous items not only poses a danger to the public, but can also result in hefty fines and an expensive cleanup.

The Elder Difference

demolitionconcreteEvery project at Elder begins with a custom demolition plan that includes asset recovery to identify salvageable materials throughout the structure. This plan helps eliminate waste and includes components such as the estimated market value of salvaged materials, mothballing options, legal considerations, historical requirements and safe decommissioning options. Our specialists use their knowledge and skills to extract the maximum value from your site. Thanks to our expertise and connections, we’ll gladly purchase and market reusable processing materials and manufacturing equipment on your behalf, making the process simple and profitable.

Not all Oregon demolition contractors are equal in regards to asset recovery. The best combine experience, expertise and the right equipment to demolish a structure without compromising the value of the materials within its walls. When clients along the West Coast want to recover the most out of their demolition projects, they look to Elder. Get in touch with one of our specialists today to request a consultation to learn more about the wealth of materials within your structure.

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