Scrap Metal Demolition


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When you need a metal structure removed, Elder Demolition will expertly manage all the aspects of your project. As an Oregon demolition contractor, scrap metal is our business.

Our expert crews dismantle and downsize steel structures of all shapes and sizes before processing, bundling and preparing the materials for recycling.

Our services extend beyond Oregon to Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Arizona, so you can always count on the same scrap metal demolition company in Oregon for all your building removal and asset recovery needs throughout the West Coast.

Scrap Metal Demolition and Recycling Benefits

  • Divert precious resources out of landfills: Construction and demolition debris already occupy too much space in landfills. The metal extracted from demolition products is recyclable and perfect for making new items. Each year, Elder Demolition proudly recycles millions of tons of metal on our clients’ behalves. In addition to being good for the planet, scrap metal recycling reduces the cost of demolition projects because it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  • Reduce dependence on natural resources: Recycling scrap metal reduces the country’s dependence on costly virgin metals and fossil fuels. Using recycled aluminum to create new aluminum products, for example, yields an energy savings of up to 92 percent. Other recyclable metals include copper, steel, tin, nickel and iron.
  • Economic boosts and job creation: Scrap metal recycling is a $90.6 billion business that sustains more than 450,000 jobs, according to the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling. The industry also contributes to positive trade balances, as the U.S. exports more scrap metal than it imports.
  • Asset recovery offsets demolition project costs: Elder Demolition not only processes scrap metal, we’ll also buy it from you and apply the earnings toward your project’s costs. Recycling and selling scrap metal has never been simpler!
  • Earn LEED points: Scrap metal demolition and recycling may help you earn points toward a LEED certification or other green building certifications.

Oregon Scrap Metal Demolition ProcessScrap Metal Demolition and Recycling

Scrap metal demolition is part of a process known as asset recovery, the science of salvaging as much as possible from a building prior to its demolition. Clients can then recycle or sell the salvaged materials.

Best practices in regards to scrap metal demolition and asset recovery include:

  • Designing an asset recovery plan: During a project’s planning stages, our specialists will outline the structure’s salvageable assets and their market values. The value of scrap metal depends on international supply and demand, the price of virgin metals, the condition of the salvaged metal and the strength of the American dollar. If metal is corrosion-free, the dollar is strong and the demand for the salvaged material is up, you can expect a good return.
  • Theft prevention plan: When Elder Demolition designs an asset recovery plan, we also outline ways to prevent scrap metal losses at your site. Methods include making your assets difficult to steal, raising public awareness regarding scrap metal theft, marking items with paint, keeping track of individuals on the site, working with local scrap metal buyers and surveillance tactics.
  • Conducting a “soft sweep” of the property: Demolition experts will walk through a property to identify and remove salvageable items, such as finishing materials, machinery and fixtures. You may sell, recycle or donate these materials. Alternatively, you may use them in your new construction project.
  • Recovering structural elements: Elder Demolition uses specialized equipment that maximizes the quantity and quality of the scrap metal recovered. High-reach excavators reach the tallest, tightest spots, while steel-cutting sheers cut metal structures into manageable pieces.
  • Metal processing: What might seem like a pile of rubble may actually be a wealth of scrap metal. We equip our machinery with powerful electromagnets to sort the metal components from the other debris on your behalf. Items of value may include rebar, girders, support beans, roofing components and water tanks.

We Want Your Scrap Metal



At Elder Demolition, we know the costs involved with a demolition project. For this reason, we want to pay you for the scrap metal that we process at your site. Let us do all the work while you enjoy the benefit of hassle-free scrap metal selling and reduced demolition costs. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the West for ferrous and nonferrous materials alike. If you have scrap metal, regardless of the quantity or size, we want to take it off your hands and pay you handsomely.

Contact Elder Demolition today to request a scrap metal demolition quote or to learn more about scrap metal recycling.

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