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High-Reach Excavator Transport Joint Versatility for Industrial Demolition Contractors

Beyond the advantage of boosted productivity, the use of a transport joint in industrial demolition also benefits the environment by reducing the amount of fuel used in demolition. Continue reading →

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Industrial Demolition Contractors Salvage Reusable Materials

With the right techniques, an industrial demolition contractor can salvage 90-95% of materials from a building site, decreasing the demand for virgin materials and diverting hundreds of tons of waste from landfills. Continue reading →

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There is an Art to the Science of Industrial Demolition

If you buy into the picture of industrial demolition contractors as doing little more than hitting buildings haphazardly with wrecking balls, think again. Each demolition project requires a slew of computed calculations; a consideration of physics and building dynamics; and a good deal of prior experience to avoid potential pitfalls. Continue reading →

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Salvaging Ideas for Homeowners from an Industrial Demolition Contractor

Taking apart a building by hand so almost everything may be reused is the latest environmental innovation among demolition contractors. Portland, Oregon homeowners may be interested to learn what can be salvaged. Continue reading →

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Scrap Metal Demolition Contractors Can Reduce & Recycle C&D Materials

Scrap metal demolition contractors can reduce and recycle construction and demolition materials. Learn more about this process and find out the benefits. Continue reading →

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Demolition and EPA Lead Certification

As industrial demolition contractors and an EPA lead-certified demolition firm, Elder Demolition is especially vigilant about lead exposure, since we often dismantle industrial plants such as chemical facilities and paper mills. Learn more about our safety standards.

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