The Use of Robotics in Industrial Demolition Services

Robots are changing the way we interact with the world. Government agencies use unmanned aerial vehicles for police, military and other surveillance applications. Medical researchers are developing nanorobots for drug delivery and surgery. And industrial demolition services are minimizing risk to human life by sending robots into dangerous demolition locations.

Mining actions such as drilling and hammering are a specialty of modern robots, thanks to Swedish innovation. Government regulations in Sweden limited the amount of time workers could spend on vibrating equipment like jackhammers. (Studies show that too many hours using such equipment can result in lasting nerve damage.) But the country’s demolition companies aimed to maintain productivity despite the regulations. Swedish demolition equipment leaders such as those at Brokk accommodated the industry’s needs by producing “robo-demo” equipment.

Beyond meeting government standards, Swedish companies found many other advantages to using robots in demolition. More and more American demolition firms are “going Swedish” by utilizing robots. Here are a few of the benefits such companies enjoy:

  • Keeps workers clear of falling hazards.
  • Minimizes the risk of worker exposure to asbestos and other hazardous construction materials.
  • Facilitates selective demolition, in which a building’s exterior is left standing while the interior is gutted. Demolition robots are now small enough to fit through doorways and other interior obstacles.
  • Increase productivity through the use of interchangeable attachments and powerful hydraulic systems.

Elder Demolition is joining the robo-demo revolution by using the Brokk 90, a remote-operated hydraulic excavator/hammer. This is one of the most versatile robots for demolition in restricted locations. It folds into a compact package, making it easy to transport between a building’s stories. Brokk designed this beauty to maximize reach and maneuverability, and 11 different attachments are included to facilitate all manner of digging, drilling and excavating applications.

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