Understanding Construction Site Demolition and Salvage Equipment

The wrecking ball: It’s the timeless symbol for the demolition and salvage industry. Yet it’s rarely used on the modern demolition site. Why? Well, because it’s terribly imprecise. Today’s demolition contractors are more likely to use high reach excavators and the other equipment we describe below. Read on to learn about various demolition tasks, and the equipment we use to accomplish each task.

Crushing Concrete for Recycling
Our crusher can turn 2-foot squares of structural concrete into gravel. This broken down concrete may be recycled on site, as fill for plumbing, road fill, etc. This not only cuts our clients’ costs; it also earns them LEED certification points.

Tearing Down Upper Stories
Our high-reach demolition excavators are capable of reaching 82 feet up. These versatile machines include a transport joint, allowing us to switch to shorter arms on site, and thereby minimizing time devoted to accessing equipment. We can also switch out various attachments to achieve different goals on the construction site. For instance, a shearing attachment may be used to slice up a water tower. As a leading Oregon demolition firm, we must be able to chew through any building material; our equipment can tear up solid concrete and cut through ¾”steel beams.

Sorting Materials for Salvage
As a part of asset recovery, we sort different building materials on the demolition site. Some demolition equipment helps us quickly move and organize metals, wood, concrete, and other materials into discrete piles, so that we can efficiently recover assets for our clients.

Removing Rebar from Concrete
Scrap metal is a source of salvage income for our clients; concrete recycling can also offet their demolition costs. However, to earn back this value, we must separate each material. We maintain tools for removing rebar from concrete.

[photo by: Jocelyn Kinghorn on Flickr via CC License]

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