8 Ways to Vet an Oregon Demolition Contractor

OregonDemolitionContractorDemolition is an art and a science. Today’s demolition contractors must understand how to take down buildings safely, while preserving as much value as possible. They are also deeply knowledgeable about EPA and health regulations. Years of experience have given them a thorough appreciation of permitting, as well as how to respect the surrounding community during demolition work. Finally, the exceptional Oregon demolition company is also Eco-conscious, seeking to recycle, reuse, and salvage as much as possible from every job site.

If you’re interested in hiring a demolition partner, check out our checklist. It will help you vet contractors. Before we get to that list, let’s consider what we’re looking for. What are the qualities one would hope to find in a demolition company?

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Licensing & Safety. Demolition contractors must be properly licensed by the state for building demolition. Oregon demolition contractors must also have valid insurance, as well as a record of safety. A standout demolition company provides regular worker education and certification classes. From silica to trenches to asbestos, there are multiple safety threats on any given demolition site. Demolition contractors must be able to demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Demolition asset recovery can partially or entirely pay for demolition services. That’s why it’s critical for demolition firms to show a record of strong asset recovery for clients.

Environmental Responsibility. Eco-friendly demolition includes minimizing waste during operation, and salvaging as many building materials as possible from each project. From top to bottom, nearly every part of a building may be reused. Roof shingles, fixtures, plumbing, wiring, floorboards, and even concrete may be salvaged. Forward-thinking demolition contractors will have tools to help them recycle materials on site, for immediate and local reuse.

These commercial and industrial demolition contractors may own concrete crushers, which break concrete into smaller chunks for use as gravel and fill. Some demolition companies also process scrap metal. These eco-conscious choices also benefit clients, as LEED and other environmental certifications award points for green demolition and reuse of building materials.

In addition to prioritizing recycling, demolition contractors must follow EPA and DEQ guidelines. Asbestos, lead, and radioactive materials are a few of the dangerous finds contractors may need to handle on any given industrial or commercial job site. Proper handling, labeling, and disposal of demolition hazardous substances are compulsory.

Permitting. Local governments require diligence and excellence of demolition contractors. The City of Portland’s 3000-word demolition ordinance is extremely detailed. Noise and dust pollution, sidewalk regulations, heritage committee procedures, neighbor notifications—all this and much more is included in Portland’s demolition law. Demolition contractors must be intimately familiar with local laws and procedures for obtaining the proper permits.

Reputation. An outstanding Oregon demolition contractor will earn glowing reviews from past clients, positive news stories, and recognition from their peers. Their financial records and projections will be strong as well.

Industry Association Membership. Leadership within the demolition field generally comes from within. Membership and leadership in local, state, and national demolition associations indicates dedication and excellence.

Keep this checklist handy—it will keep you on track as you research, meet with, and select contractors. One final recommendation: Focus on service. Punctuality, respect, and follow-through are important in any profession, and demolition is no exception. To be worthy of your business, a demolition firm must be adept at answering your questions, adjusting according to your needs, and staying on budget. As you research Oregon demolition companies, prioritize those who provide stellar service.

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