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Commercial properties are built to last and are rarely constructed in open fields. At Elder Demolition, extracting buildings from tight spaces is our specialty. From demolishing an office building in a busy downtown district to removing the center of a paper mill in operation, our crews and precision tools remove buildings with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

As a commercial demolition company in Oregon, we’ve removed buildings such as grocery stores, airplane hangars, bridge decks, warehouses and office buildings. With our commitment to safety, the environment and meeting deadlines, your project is always in good hands.

Oregon Commercial Demolition: Expertise You Can Trust

Precision Removal

Gone are the days of imprecise tools, like wrecking balls and explosives, for demolition. Elder Demolition uses the latest equipment to remove commercial buildings with an

exceptional level of precision. Convertible high-reach excavators allow us to remove the tallest targets carefully without damaging nearby buildings, even when they’re connected. Excavators use less fuel than wrecking balls, reduce congestion on the road and place workers farther away from falling debris, making worksites safer and more efficient.

In addition to high-reach excavators, Elder Demolitions uses breakers and hammers to break apart concrete, brick, asphalt, rebar, metal and other tough building materials. These tools allow us to remove building materials selectively without the unpredictability

of former demolition techniques. The equipment also lets clients separate materials that they can reuse, recycle and sell to offset project costs.

Safety First

portland demolition precisionWe are proud to be an Oregon demolition contractor with a fantastic track record in regards to safety. As part of our best practices, we follow all the rules and standards outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and integrate them during the planning and surveying phases.

Elder Demolition employees must pass stringent industry certification programs, physical tests and drug tests as part of our comprehensive demolition safety and education program. This program and our various certifications allow us to provide comprehensive services, including site remediation and the removal of hazardous materials without harming the environment and public.

Green Demolition

For each demolition project, we evaluate the impact of our efforts on the surrounding area to minimize our footprint on the environment. These efforts not only cut the environmental costs of projects, but the economic costs as well because they save fuel and

divert construction waste from landfills.

Examples of Green Commercial Demolition

Repurposing-commercial-demolitionDeconstruction and building material repurposing: Rather than tear down a building and crush the components within it, Elder Demolition may deconstruct it piece-by-piece to salvage building materials that clients can recycle, reuse and sell. This eco-friendly practice gives building materials a new life, reduces landfill costs and overall project costs. Examples of building materials that clients can repurpose include light fixtures, windows, flooring, HVAC units, pipes, machinery, doors, bricks, wood, pavement, roof shingles and ceiling tiles.


concrete-crushing-commercial-demolitionConcrete crushing: Many commercial buildings contain tons of concrete. Often, shipping this concrete to recycle centers is recycle centers is cost-prohibitive. To encourage concrete recycling, Elder Demolition has a fleet of equipment that will crush concrete on-site, which our clients can use as gravel for roads, site fill, sub-base layers, pipe bed fittings and more. This important service helps clients save money and earn LEED points for the reuse of materials, making Elder Demolition one of the most sought-after demolition contractors on the West Coast.


steel-processing-commercial-demolitionSteel processing: In addition to demolition and deconstruction, Elder Demolition offers steel processing services using steel cutting and sorting tools, such as powerful magnets. The experts at Elder will assist with recycling or selling materials. Our thorough work makes us one of the most meticulous metal recyclers in the West.

Elder Demolition is committed to your project’s success. Contact us today to learn more about our Oregon commercial services and to receive a quote.

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