Commercial & Industrial Demolition Made Easy

Returning a commercial or industrial site to flat dirt is a complex task, especially when hazardous materials are involved. Precision and experience are necessary. Elder Demolition simplifies this task for you. As a full-service demolition company in Oregon, as well as a company that serves the western U.S., you can count on us to manage every aspect of your project, from the initial salvaging of building materials to the groundbreaking ceremony. Making the demolition process as simple and stress-free as possible for you is our ultimate goal.

Why Choose an Oregon Demolition Contractor?

Construction contractors specialize in constructing buildings from the ground up. Demolition contractors specialize in removing them, from the roof down. Demolition experts are highly trained professionals who receive specialized training regarding building removal, materials handling and risk management. They also have a fleet of specialized equipment designed to prepare sites for new construction or renovations.

When you work with a reputable demolition contractor, like Elder Demolition, you can expect the employment of the following best practices:

  • Complete understanding of the details: We meet with clients and inspection agencies to learn the project’s goals, concerns, deadlines, start dates and other vital information.
  • A detailed, custom-tailored plan based on a project’s specific needs: When designing a plan, we perform a full assessment of the site and surrounding areas. During the assessment, we consider environmental concerns and make plans for the demolished materials. Clients will learn about the recycling practices and green techniques available to determine if they offer the greatest benefits to the project and community. The plan will also include a demolition schedule.
  • Safe, efficient and proactive work: Because of the copious details in demolition project plans, each step of the process is thoughtful and predictable. If the site contains hazardous materials, contaminated soil or other health hazards, we will remove them and remediate the site so you don’t have to vet and hire another contractor to complete the task. The vast range of services that we provide includes preparing for new site work and excavation, allowing you to transition to your construction project seamlessly.

Elder’s Oregon Demolition Services

  • Industrial demolition
  • Commercial demolition  
  • Residential building demolition
  • Steel processing
  • Scrap metal demolition
  • Asset recovery
  • Concrete crushing and recycling
  • Hazardous material removal
  • Green demolition

Why Choose Elder for Your Oregon Demolition Project?

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  • Experience: Serving the Northwest since 1997, Elder Demolition is a fully licensed and insured Oregon demolition contractor with licenses in several western states.
  • Industry associations and memberships: Elder Demolition is committed to upholding the standards and best practices that local and national associations establish. We are actively members of Associated General Contractors.
  • Comprehensive demolition services: From deconstructing buildings to crushing concrete to managing any hazardous waste materials, Elder Demolition excels. We expertly manage every step of a demolition project so you can focus on other important matters.
  • Expedience: We take deadlines as seriously as you do. Our state-of-the-art technologies and equipment allows our crew to complete jobs efficiently and keep your project on track.
  • Safety: Elder Demolition goes the extra mile to ensure the well being of our workers and the public by investing in the safest equipment available and providing employees with ongoing training opportunities. We pride ourselves on our track record and commitment to safety and education.
  • We’re equipped: Elder Demolition owns the best equipment in the industry for the variety of demolition methods we employ. Because we own our own equipment, we have more control over safety, can tackle projects that others cannot, offer a greater range of services, and never have to wait on rentals.
  • Environmental responsibility: Elder Demolition always takes steps to minimize waste by recycling materials on-site and salvaging components for reuse.
  • Public education: The more you know about the demolition industry, the better educated your decision will be regarding the Northwest demolition contractor you choose. Check out our blog to learn more about this specialized trade.

Demolition is an art and science, and an industry at the forefront of future developments. Call 503-760-6330 or contact us online to discuss your project with Elder Demolition.

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