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Returning a site to flat dirt is a complex task. That’s why we’re here.

When you contract with us for your demolition project, we’ll handle the whole thing from top to bottom. Our full-service demolition team has the necessary expertise, equipment and connections to return your site to flat dirt, safely and on schedule.

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We have the necessary expertise, equipment and connections.


Demolition is an art and science.

Returning a commercial or industrial site to flat dirt is a complex task, especially when hazardous materials are involved. Precision and experience are necessary. Elder Demolition simplifies this task for you. As a full-service demolition company in the Pacific Northwest, you can count on us to manage every aspect of your project, from the initial salvaging of building materials to the groundbreaking ceremony. Making the demolition process as simple and stress-free as possible for you is our ultimate goal.


Featured Projects

Alpine Foods

This demolition project was complex with the nature of how the building was positioned in the middle of Alpine Foods Distribution Center.


Newberg Paper Mill

This project involved the demolition and removal of approx: 650 thousand square feet of buildings, including two paper machines, refiner buildings with storage tanks ranging in heights from 60’ to 120’ tall.


CHS Grain Silos

We carefully demolished all grain silo’s (without shutting down the highspeed rail line), associated equipment, offices, and scales down to top of concrete.


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