If you own an old or damaged commercial property, you might be wondering whether you should remodel the building or demolish it altogether. While the thought of tearing down a structure might seem expensive, you can save money with asset recovery from your old building. Who knows, you might even increase your property value with the demolition. 

Whether you’re a building owner, facility manager, or real estate developer, the time will come when you have to make a tough decision about a demolition. As the leading commercial demolition contractor in the Pacific Northwest, our team will help ensure that your demolition project doesn’t break the bank. 

Key Indicators You’re Ready for Commercial Building Demolition 

1) Damaged Foundation  

If your building’s foundation is damaged, it can lead to a host of problems. Not only will cracked foundations allow moisture to enter the building, but uneven surfaces can compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. When the foundation crosses a certain threshold of damage, you have no choice but to demolish the property. 

2) Excessive Renovation Costs 

Whether it be due to damage or deterioration, there comes a time when parts of your building must be remodeled for safety and functionality. When it comes to massive projects like HVAC overhauls, the expenses for the renovation often cost more than a building is worth. If this is the case, demolition makes the most financial sense. 

3) Hazardous Materials 

Another situation where you are better off demolishing a structure is when the building is made with hazardous materials. Many times, old buildings constructed in the early 20th century feature a number of dangerous materials like lead, asbestos, and mercury. As OSHA reports, even small amounts of asbestos are known to cause mesothelioma. If your building utilizes such dangerous materials, you are well-advised to hire a professional demolition contractor to safely tear it down. 

4) Increase Property Value for Sale 

If you happen to own a piece of property in a desirable location, it may be worth more as an empty lot. For many commercial property developers, the prospect of having to renovate an old building is much more intimidating than simply building a new one. When developers are keen on making a sizable profit, there can often be too many “surprises” in major renovation projects. 

5) Old Buildings 

In some instances, your building might simply be too old to renovate. It’s a different story if the building just needs a bit of work, like a new roof. However, extremely old buildings often have near endless problems that require extensive remodeling work. Unless the building has real historical significance, remodeling is not likely to be a wise financial decision. 

Recoup Commercial Building Demolition Costs with Asset Recovery  

While the thought of tearing down a building might seem expensive, you can recoup project costs with asset recovery services from Elder Demolition. 

Valuable materials that can be recovered include: 

Especially when it comes to old and damaged properties, there is likely more money in salvageable materials than in the building as a whole. 

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Beyond safely tearing down old and damaged properties, Elder Demolition also provides asset recovery services. To this end, we will help you recoup costs for your demolition by salvaging valuable materials from your building. 

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