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New Game Allows Kids to Tackle Construction & Demolition Methods

As Portland demolition experts, we are thrilled to see games that can interest young people in a rewarding, fascinating industry. Learn more about Construction Simulator 2015. Continue reading →

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Top 5 C&D Waste Reduction, Recovery & Recycling Tips

C&D (construction and demolition) materials can bring a handsome salvage price, offsetting Portland demolition costs. Learn more! Continue reading →

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High-Reach Excavators Increase Demolition Accuracy

One forward-thinking demolition innovation, the high-reach excavator, improves accuracy and safety on the job. High-reach excavators have a longer boom and arm to allow commercial and industrial demolition contractors to keep excavator operators farther away from falling debris on medium-height buildings. Continue reading →

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Asbestos Dangers in Industrial Demolition

Demolition contractors must use extreme caution when taking down buildings that contain asbestos. Continue reading →

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