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How to Crush Concrete in Industrial Demolition

Rather than send concrete from old buildings to landfills, forward-thinking Oregon demolition contractors crush it in to useful gravel, aggregates & much more. Continue reading →

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Oregon Asset Recovery & Deconstruction: Applying for a Grant

Elder Demolition is well positioned to deliver client advantages stemming from Portland deconstruction grants. Learn more! Continue reading →

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Portland’s Storefront Improvement Program Creates Economic Growth

As Oregon demolition contractors, we monitor construction programs that support our state’s growth. Learn more about the Portland Storefront Improvement Program (SIP). Continue reading →

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Understanding Portland’s Historic Zoning Regulations

Oregon demolition companies should be aware that some properties may have more than one zoning regulation or designation. Learn about demolition in Oregon. Continue reading →

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Concrete Demolition Contractors Examine Hydrodemolition

As concrete demolition contractors, we study concrete construction and salvaging techniques, like Hydrodemolition. Learn more. Continue reading →

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