Did you know that, if a building is demolished correctly, up to 90% of the materials recovered can be recycled?

This process, known as asset recovery, provides opportunities to both sell and reuse materials and help offset project costs.

An experienced demolition contractor can salvage, reprocess, and recycle many of the materials from old structures both before and after they are demolished.

Asset recovery requires expert industry knowledge. Not only does the demolition company need to identify and remove reusable components without compromising their value, it also needs to be able to manage preparatory operations to handle hazardous materials.

An experienced Portland demolition company will be able to oversee all of these steps.

Commercial Demolition Asset Recovery Solutions

Here is a deeper look at the processes and economic benefits of scrap metal recycling, on-site concrete crushing, and other asset recovery processes.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Demolition companies can find scrap metal throughout a building. In addition to pipes, gutters, and building frames, recyclable metal is available in machinery, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

This valuable metal can be extracted from the demolished structure. The material can then be sorted and bundled to prepare it for recycling. 

This process is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • It diverts waste from landfills and keeps harmful substances, such as asbestos, lead, and mercury, out of the air and ground.
  • Reduces the carbon production associated with turning raw ore into construction-grade metal.
  • Provides financial benefits to the developer or property owner who commissioned the demolition.

Many metals do not lose any composition strength after recycling, so it can provide as much value as brand-new materials. Developers and property owners can take advantage of this to earn a profit when they resell recycled metal from demolition or save money by reusing the materials in their next project.

On-Site Concrete Crushing & Recycling

Recycling concrete is another way to offset the costs of a project as well as reduce its environmental impact.

Recycled concrete can be resold and serve as an aggregate to supplement new concrete as well as reused in retaining walls and other landscaping projects and surface leveling in construction jobs. 

In addition to resale, you can save both material and transport costs by shipping the recently-crushed concrete to a new job site to reuse.

Benefits of Working With Our Pacific Northwest Demolition Company

Our contractors provide commercial and industrial services. We stand out by offering comprehensive services that start well before the first wall comes down. 

We customize demolition plans to meet the unique needs of each client, with focus on the estimated market value of salvaged materials so they can reap profits. We also have the experience and knowledge to handle legal and regulatory requirements related to the recycling and handling of materials.

Additionally, our market connections allow us to facilitate the sale of salvaged materials to third parties, making the asset recovery process quick and easy for our clients.

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